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July 21, 2017

Introducing the Voigt Garage

Eric Naslund


Studio E Architects, teamed with McCarthy Builders, Land Lab and IPD, have won the design-build competition to construct a new 860 car garage in the heart of the UCSD campus. Situated near the iconic Central Library, the structure is nestled into a canyon edge adjacent to Warren Mall and the engineering buildings that surround it. The entire roof is planted and made useful for student gatherings and connections across the campus.

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The canyon façade is a stretched veil that screens the cars hidden within while allowing for natural ventilation and natural light. The veil supports a pixelated image of the campus’ well known Eucalyptus grove and is intended to transition this structure into the natural landform and plantings of a directly adjacent canyon and natural wetland. Light wells are carved into the structure throughout giving the efficient parking layout plentiful access to natural light. Storm water is celebrated and expressed along the canyon façade through a series of cantilevered planters that cleanse the water on its way to the wetlands.

The team is now commencing design development with completion of construction expected by early 2019.

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