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January 30, 2024

Moving on Up


Let's reintroduce Charity Dunphy - a remarkable Architect and Project Manager at Studio E Architects since 2013. We are proud to announce the promotion of Charity Dunphy to Principal and Partner. Charity became an integral part of the office leadership in 2019 when she was promoted to Associate, then Senior Associate, in early 2023. This new title recognizes her even greater role as a leader, strategic planner, and firm owner.

Charity has demonstrated exceptional abilities in maintaining firm excellence, making her a valuable asset to the organization. She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that the technical aspects of the office are running smoothly, from quality control reviews to technical standards and best practice documentation. Charity also manages the workload scheduling and internal continuing education efforts for the entire office.

What's more, Charity is an amazing mentor who takes the time to assist and educate her colleagues. She is highly respected by her peers, and her dedication to helping others is truly inspiring.

“Charity’s talents have been central to our growth from a 13-person firm in 2013 when she started to our present 28-person firm. Her strategic thinking and leadership with regards to office organization, workload, and staffing, have allowed us to do our best work.” – Maxine Ward, Principal.