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High Tech Elementary North County

San Marcos, CA

In joining its neighbors High Tech High and High Tech Middle, North County's High Tech Elementary effectively completes the San Marcos trifecta; together, the three schools form one cohesive, sustainable, streamlined campus. Employing complementary design strategies and materials to its predecessors, High Tech Elementary is designed with community in mind— fostering a sense of cohesiveness and continuity between the three schools.

This 31,500-square-foot, one-story school serves a maximum of 460 students. Its 18 light-filled classrooms are positioned along a circulation spine, providing maximum transparency throughout the school's teaching spaces. Colored light boxes illuminate and define each classroom's entry from the corridor; metal-clad bay windows project out from the simple masonry form of the building. A playful checkerboard metal cladding and sweeping roof accent the entries and Commons.

Through its thoughtful design, the Elementary’s structure intrinsically supports the unique education methods of High Tech Learning. With movable classroom walls and expanded, transparent views, students are able to learn without parameters or obstructions. The classrooms' adaptable structure readily accommodates groups of all sizes; the school's open sightlines allow students, teachers, and visitors alike to be inspired by one another’s work.


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