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September 18, 2019

We Love Charter Schools

Maxine Ward

At Studio E Architects, we know Charter Schools. We've designed more that any other firm in San Diego County, and are proud to present the collective result of our efforts. We understand what makes a good school, and our extensive experience allows us to identify the opportunities and challenges that these schools present. Keep reading to get a glimpse of our work, and see our full array of charter school design.

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Thrive School opened last year in the Linda Vista community, just in time for the 2018-2019 school year. The school is nested in an irregular lot with a significant slope, and there was a need to create a strong presence while provindg a safe and secure environment for the students. The result is a building where all the learning spaces are organized around a central gallery, sprinkled with gathering area troughout. The 3-level building leaves as much open space for outdoor activities as possible, as well as many exterior spaces for learning and project work that take advantage of the San Diego climate year round.

Completed in 2014, Albert Einstein Academy Charter Middle School is located in the Grant Hill neighborhood in San Diego. A former hospital, it is now transformed into a light-filled learning environment for 600 students.
Trough the use of perforated metal screens, we modernized the existing facade of the building, while at the same time, provided shade and protection for the interior spaces.
We created new connections by inserting an open stair between the street-side lobby and the multi-purpose space below.

Finished in 2009, High Tech High Chula Vista overlooks the Otay River Lake in a carefuly designed relationship with the landscape in which it exists. Its Gold LEED certification showcases the building's achievement in sustainable design, and the use of modular units allowed for fast construction and flexibility of spaces.
In 2011, the second phase of the campus was completed; High Tech High K-8 Chula Vista follows the language of its predecesor, and continues the conversation with the landscape, as well as expands on the sustainable principles that inform our every step. The big openings and building positioning allow for passive cooling, and maximize natural lighting.


In 2009, we finished High Tech High San Marcos, serving 550 students. The master plan also included a middle school and elementary school, respectively finished in 2013 and 2014. The three schools form a cohesive campus that frames the recreational open space that welcomes its student body.