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UC San Diego 64 Degrees

La Jolla, CA

Located at the heart of UC San Diego's student residences in Revelle College, this reimagined facility is a complete renovation of the 1966 Revelle Dining Commons, the campus's original dining destination. In addition to transforming a dated “cafeteria”-style facility into a modern, vibrant dining venue, combined with a market and café, 64 Degrees creates a place for the Revelle College community to embrace as a hub for congregating and socializing.

In designing the project, Studio E Architects sought to create a dining experience that brought the kitchen from the back of house to the front of house, integrating the experience of eating with the preparation of food. Several exhibition food platforms distributed throughout 64 Degrees provide a unique and interactive experience. Inserting natural light, appropriately-scaled design elements, and activity, our design organized the existing building's disparate spaces into one cohesive dining environment.


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