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Renascent Place

San Jose, CA

Renascent Place provides 160 homes to at-risk individuals in one of California’s highest cost housing markets. These affordable studios are supported by an array of on-site social services including professional health and welfare counseling, benefits assistance, life-skills training, substance abuse recovery and food security. A suite of offices and meeting rooms are located near the lobby to facilitate these services. The design encourages and makes space for gathering and activities among residents fostering a sense of community and mutual mission. A 1/2 acre central garden hosts outdoor exercise equipment, a walking path, a contemplation fountain, a seating patio and barbeque. A dog run is provided at the rear of the site for residents with pets. Other gathering areas include two rooftop terraces, a lobby lounge and mini-lounges off the corridors. At just over 300 square feet – the furnished units are compact while still feeling open and airy – thanks to efficient kitchen and storage arrangements and generous windows. The form, massing and character of the development responds to the busy commercial boulevard setting.

Award of Merit, Best Affordable Housing Community 60 du/acre or More from Gold Nugget Awards, Pacific Coast Builders Conference

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