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San Diego, CA

Fahrenheit is a striking mixed-use development in downtown San Diego. Its 77 units of loft housing and street-level retail lease spaces are housed in an exposed concrete frame structure that cleverly conceals a 90-foot-tall parking structure from the surrounding neighborhood. Situated on awkward 0.4-acre grounds, the project is composed of unit types that respond to the two very different "legs" of its L-shaped site: two-story townhouses occupy the shallow side, while single-story lofts take up the deep side.

The frontage of Fahrenheit's townhouses weaves large openings and metal siding with overhanging bay windows and balconies; the siding's deep orange color adds brightness to the building's north face, which rarely receives direct light. In contrast, the west-facing lofts feature deep recesses with terraces and balconies on an almost entirely glazed facade, coaxing daylight deep into the living spaces.

Orchid for Architecture from San Diego Architectural Foundation
Grand Award from Residential Architect Magazine Design Awards 

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