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January 12, 2016

They Arrived on the Back of a Truck

Din Blankenship

Residents began moving into their units at Parkside Studios in Sunnyvale beginning in late July 2015. Nothing about the apartments would suggest to a visitor that they were built 120 miles away in Sacramento and then trucked to the site on the back of a semi. Units arrived fully finished – flooring installed, walls and ceilings painted, plumbing fixtures and appliances in place. All the services (water and sewer and electrical lines) were stubbed to the corridor side of the modules – so that once they were set in place it was “plug and play”. The process was not without its share of particular challenges…likely described in a future journal entry under the “Lessons” heading.

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The units are arranged in a “L” configuration that wrap two sides of a generous second-level outdoor terrace. It is hoped that residents will embrace this outdoor space that overlooks an entry garden below and the large community sports park beyond. Small gathering areas are provided on each floor and a large community room with a kitchen is at garden level.



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Despite their diminutive size – each unit boasts a private balcony largest enough for a small table and chair. The units were designed with an alcove to allow a resident to either create a dining area or a sleeping niche – as their preferences dictate. At the request of the developer – all units have a full size refrigerator and stove/oven meaning any resident keen to bake a pie or roast a turkey has nothing preventing them!

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