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Indian Wells Villas

Indian Wells, CA

Spanning across 7.5 acres of a former date grove, Indian Wells Villas provides 91 single-story, one-bedroom apartments for low-income seniors. Units, grouped into six-plexes, open onto paseos; paseos feed into courts at the site's center, which constitute the Villas' continuous spine. Cars, playing a small but vital role in residents' lives, are accessed through alleys that alternate with the paseos. The development's units are organized by a thermal and social gradient, becoming progressively more enclosing and cool in accordance with their proximity to the center of the plan. Private, unshaded outdoor spaces, as well as fully-enclosed interior living spaces, are linked together by a series of covered outdoor rooms. Thermal chimneys, inspired by Middle Eastern wind towers, anchor the units and vent hot air while capturing cool night breezes.

National Honor Award for Architecture from American Institute of Architects, Washington DC
World Habitat Award Finalist from Building & Social Housing Foundation, Leicestershire, United Kingdom
Honor Award from American Institute of Architects, California Council 
Citation of Recognition from American Institute of Architects, San Diego
Vintage Award from American Institute of Architects, Riverside, California

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