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Meet aniMeet ani
February 23, 2018

Meet Ani

Marcela Gracia

Why did you study Architecture?

I was introduced to an ongoing architecture project by a relative during the end of high school. I got interested in the subject right away. But then, I am someone who gets interested in a lot of things so it was difficult for me to be definitely sure I wanted to be in this field. So the question is really about what made me continue in Architecture than what made me interested in it in the first place. Essentially, it was the depth of the subject, its power to influence the way we live and its capacity to solve real life problems. For someone who is interested in everything and anything, architecture with its study areas ranging from history, material science, climate and site study, behavioral patterns, art, project management and physics was definitely the right choice. 

My architect hero?

Its hard to pick one. There is so many amazing works to pick from. But among the works I have visited and how they made me feel, I would say, the Indian architect B V Doshi and Charles Correa, Louis I Khan, Le Corbusier. I also admire the works of Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma, Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, Japanese architect Tandao Ando and the crazy works of Zaha Hadid and Mad Architects.

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My two favorite buildings?


Centre for Environment Planning and Technology by B.V. Doshi

Tama Art Institute Library by Toyo Ito


Your Favorite Foods?

Mom’s Recipe of Malai Kofta-a simple yet unique filling of Malai (homemade fresh cream) and dry-fruits in the center of mashed potato balls (kofta) in an onion and tomato based gravy.

Top songs on my mp3 player? 

‘Skin’ by Rag N Bones, “whatever it takes” by Imagine Dragons, “I can be the One” by Dua Lippa.

imagine dragonsimagine dragons

If I could live inside a work of art, I would choose…

Paintings by artist Ivan Aivazovsky. A Russian romantic poet and master of marine art.


Secret ambition?

I want to go up in the space and be an explorer. Now, I would be satisfied if I were to be the architect designing human colonies in space (kidding!).


Favorite San Diego experience?

Watching the waves sitting on the Coronado Beach Rocks.


What’s next?

I hope to continue working at an office for a year before going to Graduate school.

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