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UC San Diego Mesa Housing Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge

La Jolla, CA

The UC San Diego Mesa Housing Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge, in a long-standing San Diego tradition, links two mesas over a natural canyon. This nearly level bridge provides a pedestrian and bicycle shortcut from the greatly expanded Mesa Housing neighborhood to the heart of the campus while providing a prospect to the environment on which it rests. 

The bridge is a study in contrasts: heavy/light, solid/diaphanous, robust/delicate, and directional/wandering. The play between these is intended to make each of these characteristics more present. It allows for prompt access and lingering simultaneously. The bridge transitions from its straight mid-span to the natural canyon landform as it transitions into the mesas. 

The bridge was designed with Kleinfelder as engineer and Kimley-Horn as landscape architect. The bridge was built by Hensel Phelps and Granite Construction in 2020.

National 2022 PCI Design Award, Transportation Award: Best Non-Highway Bridge from Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute
Orchid Award for Urban Planning from San Diego Architectural Foundation
Outstanding Bridge Project from American Society of Civil Engineers
Project of the Year from American Society of Civil Engineers
Project of the Year, Structures Category from American Public Works Association

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