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UC Davis West Village Square

Davis, CA

West Village Square forms the heart of UC Davis’ West Village community. This mixed-use grouping comprises seven buildings— including 123 units of student housing, 42,500 square feet of retail space, and a recreation center, all wrapped around a village green. In designing the project, Studio E Architects sought to express West Village's fundamental plan values of community, openness, and environmental responsiveness.

As America's largest net-zero development, West Village Square is a landmark in sustainable design. Photovoltaic panels on south-facing roofs capture solar energy, while a variety of energy-efficient features reduce energy requirements; as a result, the community's entire energy needs are met with energy generated on-site. Buildings employ an exceptionally well-insulated envelope, extensive shading, ventilated facades, and large overhangs, as well as energy-efficient lighting and appliances.

Throughout the design process, our commitment to sustainable design was paralleled by the intention to create a vibrant and authentic community. Our deliberate placement of buildings, shaping of figural open spaces, and integration of ground-level commercial space all play crucial roles in making West Village a comfortable and accommodating pedestrian place. As a result, West Village forms a new campus destination that invites residents and visitors to linger, relax, and socialize.

Global Award of Excellence from Urban Land Institute
Best New Student Development, Silver Award from Multi-Housing News
First Prize, Build Category from Green Dot Awards 
Award of Merit for Best Community Site Plan from Gold Nugget Award, Pacific Coast Builders Conference
Award of Excellence from Gold Nugget Awards, Pacific Coast Builders Conference 


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