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Archer Studios

San Jose, CA

Efficient, simple, bright, open, a "window on the world": Archer Studios, located near the San Jose International Airport, creates 41 opportunities for low-income service workers to have a place called home.  Designed for local nonprofit developer Charities Housing, this single-room-occupancy (SRO) development goes beyond addressing the need for safe, basic shelter, proposing a place that fosters dignity and community among its residents. Archer Studios boasts a television lounge, a resident computer room, laundry and reading facilities, various well-appointed kitchens, and a meeting and recreation area, as well as a generous outdoor terrace. The project's light-filled, high-ceilinged units are one part studio apartment, one part loft, and one part cruise ship cabin.

The project is one in a recent series exploring the challenges and merits of micro-units, which are commonly understood as studio apartments under 400 square feet. A model of efficiency and sustainability, Archer Studios received over 150 points under the "Build It Green" standards for sustainable development.

Builder's Choice Grand Award from Builder Magazine
Citation of Recognition from American Institute of Architects, San Diego
Gold Award for Best New Affordable Housing from San Diego Housing Federation


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