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At-Home Essentials

The team at Studio E Architects began working from home in mid-March. During the weeks since, facing both social and global-health challenges, we have found a number of things to keep us grateful and grounded. We share with you here some practices and passions that are helping us cope and reminding us that life is precious and deserves affirmation. 

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Nasturtium Seeds

My wife and I planted loads of these in early March and have for the past several weeks been enjoying carpets of cheery flowers. A little bright orange happiness to remind us that life goes on!

-John Sheehan

V60 Pour Overs

The morning ritual makes it feel like I'm going into the office. I still put my coffee in my Hyrdroflask tumbler just to pretend. 

-Vince Rosato


That tongue says it all, haha! Our dog Nina sure does enjoy the extra company. 

-Charity Dunphy


Long Walks

I take my son on long walks each Friday morning since I started working remotely. The City is making street repairs throughout our neighborhood and we make a point to find the characters from his favorite book, "Mighty, Mighty Construction Site." His excitement is infectious and I'm now obsessed with big trucks too.

-Kevin Bussett

Natural Wine

What's better than a good meal accompanied by a glasss of wine? I've started diving into natural wines and a subscription that sends you bottles to your doorstep has been great.

-Jerrod Dockan


Vintage Media Cabinet

These days, listening to an album the way the musician intended provides a little break so I don't chain myself to my desk. 

-Vince Rosato

Succulent Babies

I have enjoyed neighborhood walks and expanding my collection of succulents. Looking forward to next spring when my quarantine succulents will be ready to add to the garden.

-Maxine Ward


Rainbow Toy

The colorful arcs of the rainbow brighten up any room and they easily transform into a bridge, tunnel, tower or other shapes. I frequently sing the "Rainbow Song" or create new shapes with my toddler. 

-Charity Dunphy



Hands-free conference calls!

-Kirsten Blakeman

Walking Meditation

I can't say I've mastered it or even really understand the depths of it, but walking slowly outside, focusing your attention on the soles of your feet touching the ground, and being mindful of the mechanics of your body - it's really nice to help calm your anxious or wandering mind and bring you right into the moment.

-Jennifer Mayfield


Pencil Sharpener

I have been drawing a lot these days and I have to sharpen my pencils too often. I appreciate the little metal sharpener I've had since college a little bit more these days. 

-Marcela Gracia


The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

This book helped me realize what was important to have in my space and what was simply taking up real estate.

-Chris Haack


Record Collection

All that needs to be said about these is they have been extremely valuable in the battle to preserve sanity.

-Nate Vandermeulen

Yoga Mat

Doing more exercises is bringing me more energy and quality of life especially in terms of preparing me better for the workday ahead. Learning more about myself and also unleashing creativity to try different recipes during the day.

-Thayna Sampaio

Herb Garden

Having a constant supply of mint, thyme, basil, rosemary, sage, parsley, and cilantro has been a great hobby and an even better addition to my meals.

-Jerrod Dockan

3D Paper Puzzles

While in isolation, we have been building a Medieval Village out of 3D paper puzzles, without scissors or glue. We've built 11 models, enjoying our time together. 

-Maria Strongin

Dogs & Gardening

I am enjoying my dogs and the many belly rubs and walks I get to take with them. I've also been getting into gardening for the first time and have an abundance of tomato plants. I'm thankful for the rain barrels we installed last winter, and the abundant sunshine that makes growing things fairly easy here!

-Alina Prassas


My favorite snack, dehydrated nopales (prickly pear pads) with chili powder. I can't live without them and I eat the whole bag right away. I had my parents send 15 bags because I couldn't find them anymore. 

-Marcela Gracia


My garden has been my little slice of heaven. I find comfort and relaxation in planting vegetables and other plants and seeing them bloom. Can't wait to harvest my squashes, cucumbers, and lemons! I've also watched the show Dexter from start to finish. 

-Marta Navarro

Birds & Fresh Air

I've realized now more than ever that fresh air and the sound of birds are an essential part of home to me. I'm eager to get away from my computer, my phone, and all gadgets that act as a distraction and simply get outside or open my windows. Even that simple pleasure isn't accessible to everyone and I appreciate it now more than ever. It will forever change the way I think of windows and open spaces on our projects.

-Mathilda Bialk