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September 11, 2017

New Work for UCR in the High Desert

Mathilda Bialk


Occasionally we get the opportunity to work on unique projects and this is one of them. The University of California, Riverside Sweeney Granite Mountain and Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research Centers are set in what feels like the middle of nowhere, yet in the middle of everywhere all at once. They are magical locations with need for special designs and we’re fortunate to have been awarded this project from UCR.  We are teamed with Soltek Pacific Construction on this design/build endeavor and the key to the solution is efficient pre-engineered metal buildings, carefully designed, and tuning the buildings to their environments that can be harsh at times in the desert climate. 

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At Boyd Deep Canyon our metaphor for the Tevis Education Center is a desert Tortoise, with a strong shell shading and protecting a more delicate base. 

At Sweeney Granite Mountain our metaphor is a Rock formation with the two ends that appear to grow from the earth like the adjacent rock mountains, holding together a subtle structure. 

At Boyd’s nearby campground the metaphor is a Geode with a hard, simple exterior that blends with the desert landscape, and a colorful interior where the scientist will gather. 

We look forward to working on making these metaphors a reality. And we look forward to the site visits on this project! 

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