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Eucalyptus View

Escondido, CA

This project, designed to serve the needs of local agricultural workers and their families, features twenty-four homes grouped into four structures, which wrap around a shared outdoor “room”. A unique staggered building section provides unexpected volume and natural lighting. Tall windows on the façade hint at the 10-foot ceilings and split-level plans within. Timber trellises and canopies offer shade and create shadow patterns that enliven the crisp building massing. A boulevard-scaled trellis announces the pedestrian entry to the 2.2 acre site, and semi-private porches and patios invite residents to occupy the “threshold” between their unit and the court, while parking remains pushed towards the rear of the site.

Award of Merit from Residential Architect Magazine Design Awards
Orchid for Planning & Urban Design from San Diego Architectural Foundation
Merit Award from American Institute of Architects, San Diego
Merit Award from American Institute of Architects, California Council

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