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Celsius Apartments, CityMark Development project in Lemon Grove,  CACelsius Apartments, CityMark Development project in Lemon Grove,  CA
June 20, 2017

Celsius – Now Open!

Eric Naslund


Celsius has arrived in the upcoming downtown of Lemon Grove, California. Developed by Citymark's San Diego office, Celsius is 84 units of market-rate rental apartments right on Lemon Grove’s central trolley station. Residents can almost fall out the front door and catch transit a short trip away from downtown San Diego and points beyond. The project provides extensive common amenity areas including an on-site gym and a roof deck at the heart of the project. 

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The building expression is rooted in the location and the path of the sun across the sky. Simple white plaster forms in a syncopated rhythm hover over the base of the building. Windows are carved into these masses in deep recesses that allow for expressive shadows so natural in the San Diego sun. Recesses on east and west facades are splayed to the south to create a continuous play of light across the angled faces throughout the day. 

Situated next to two transformative affordable housing projects by Hitzke Development, Celsius completes the block at the transit hub of downtown Lemon Grove and proves that affordable and market-rate housing can coexist nicely.



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