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May 10, 2023

Meet the Intern – Yvanna


Why did you study Architecture?

Besides being the perfect mix between artistic aspects and every other job related, I believe that architecture is the only way to tell a story and get people to feel different emotions when entering or interacting in a living space. Making this possible is something that amazes me and that’s why I choose architecture.

My architect hero?

“As an architect, you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown” – Norman Foster 

My two favorite buildings?

First will be the Flat Iron 1902 (Daniel Burnham/Frederick P) in NY for me this three-story base skyscraper its fascinating.






Casa Giraldi 1976 (Luis Barragan) in Mexico City for me it has amazing composition with textures and colors.





Top songs on my playlist?

Depends on the mood but all-time favorites would be:

  • Viva la Vida – Coldplay
  • With you – Drake
  • Memories – Maroon 5
  • Am I wrong? – Nico & Vinz
Album compAlbum comp



Your favorite food?

I can easily enjoy any kind of food, but sushi would be something I can eat every day and not get tired of. 



If I could live inside a work of art, I would choose…

“Starry night over the Rhode” – Vincent Van Gogh (1888)

One of many variations of the starry night and my favorite of all. Love how the painting captures the glittering lights of the stars and gives a sense of calm. Vincent describes this painting saying “Once I went for a walk along the deserted shore at night. It was not cheerful; it was not sad. It was beautiful.”


Secret ambition?

Being a professional photographer and travel the world capturing unique moments

Favorite San Diego experience?

Hard to pick but spending the day in Coronado Island with friends doing fun activities or just watching the sunset sounds perfect to me.






What’s next?

Graduate and get my bachelor’s in architecture. Keep working, get my license and eventually do a master something related to and along that travel around as much possible.

If you were suddenly given a Billion dollars, what would you do with it?

Most likely get a house in New York, invest my money in something related to architecture and arts and create an animal rescue foundation.


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