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7th & Robinson

San Diego, CA

7th and Robinson Lofts is 16 studio loft units set on a small corner parcel in the vibrant San Diego neighborhood of Hillcrest. Units are characterized by simple, flexible, high-volume living spaces supported by a service bar containing the kitchen, bathroom, utilities, storage, and a loft suitable for sleeping. The project utilized city offered density bonuses for micro-units and provides one rent-restricted affordable housing unit. The ground floor has a single shopkeeper unit suitable for live/work or commercial use, services, and parking for 6 cars.

The design premise was to orient stacks of units north (to Hillcrest) and south (to Balboa Park) sharing an open corridor between them. An open and celebrated stair comes to the corner and invites participation with the rich pedestrian experiences of the neighborhood. Cars and services are tucked back from the active street edge.

Icon Award Finalist for Best Architectural Design of a Multifamily Community from Building Industry Association of San Diego

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