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Meet ThayMeet Thay
August 18, 2019

Meet Thayná

Sharon Reis

Why did you study Architecture?

When I graduated in Interior Design, I knew I needed something more. For me, Architecture is the most challenging profession. I always loved a challenge. Being an architect is much more than knowing how to draw or how to paint, it is about being a jack of all trades. The most beautiful part of Architecture is how it is different in every part of the world, with the unique materials, weather and approach of each country, which means we never stop learning.

My architect hero?

This is incredibly difficult to answer for someone who was raised in a modern city such as Brasilia. Brasilia is an airplane shaped city designed by Lucio Costa. Most of our buildings were designed by Oscar Niemeyer. My favorite Brazilian architects, however, include Lina Bo Bardi’s works and Paulo Mendes da Rocha also. Out of Brazil, my favorite is Frank Lloyd Wright.”

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My two favorite buildings?

Itamaraty Palace by Oscar Niemeyer and Ewha Womans University by Dominique Perrault Architecture.

Top songs on my playlist? 

I have an eclectic taste in music. But a few songs that are dear to me are:
1. Sweater Weather – The Vamps
2. I won’t give up – Jason Mraz
3. All of me – John Legend
4. Papaoutai – Stromae
5. Dona Cila – Maria Gadu


Photo 04Photo 04

Your Favorite Food?

Favorite food in Brazil? I would say Pamonha (made with corn, we usually put cheese inside), Pao de Queijo (it’s like cheese bread), Farofa (it’s a mix with farina and bacon or anything you want) and Churrasco (beef, sausage, garlic bread, baked cheese…) . Favorite food in San Diego? The California Burrito in a special place in Ocean Beach called Nico’s Mexican Food.





If I could live inside a work of art, I would choose…

The stained-glass windows of Don Bosco Church in Brasilia.

Photo 06Photo 06

Secret ambition?

Using my skills to help others all over the world.


Favorite San Diego experience?

I love how San Diegans are involved with health and sport practices. I loved the morning in a farmer’s market, the afternoon in the Sidewalk of Pacific Beach and the sunset in Sunset Cliffs or any beach. At night it is amazing to taste the restaurants in Little Italy.

What’s next?

As I said I love to learn, so after this amazing experience, my plans are to go back to Brazil to complete my undergrad in architecture. I probably would also like to dabble in another opportunity to work in architecture, possibly in Europe or anywhere else an opportunity arises. As challenging as possible.

If you were given a Billion dollars, what would you do with it?

I would help my family, my friends, invest the rest and start travelling around the world.

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