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Alum Rock

San Jose, CA

Alum Rock Multifamily is a new 5-story, 60-unit mixed-use, 100% affordable multifamily development in the Alum Rock neighborhood of San Jose. Colors, patterns, and design features throughout the project pay homage to the Mexican heritage of the surrounding neighborhood. The project is the first in a phased redevelopment of three contiguous parcels surrounding—and including—one of Studio E’s first affordable developments in San Jose, HomeSafe. Due to this unique relationship with its future sister buildings, Alum Rock provides two “fronts”—a boulevard façade and a parking court façade. Both facades are parted like giant curtains allowing a monumental stair to tumble down from the central upper-level court and a set of small balconies and roosts to overlook the street. A local non-profit neighborhood service organization will occupy the commercial space at sidewalk – while a lobby, community room and management offices will animate the parking court.

Completion date: 2024

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