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Meet MarcelaMeet Marcela
January 25, 2016

Meet Marcela

Perriann Hodges

Why did you study Architecture?

My parents are true polymaths and I grew up surrounded by a little bit of everything, which made me be interested in (way too) many subjects. Architecture ended up being the only profession where I could develop and investigate most of my interests directly and indirectly. 

My architect hero?

I’ve never been one to pick favorites but there’s a few people that I’ve admired along the years; on the practical side, Louis Kahn, Mansilla+Tuñon, Tatiana Bilbao, Alvaro Siza, Lina Bo Bardi. I’m also very interested in theoretical issues, so I would add John Hejduk, Colin Rowe.


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My two favorite buildings?


No favorites, but I would say the Luis Barragan House, and the Duomo  di Milano. And I really want to visit the Ningbo History Museum by Amateur Architecture Studio and see if it looks as monumental in person as it does in pictures, so it is a hypothetical favorite…


Your Favorite Foods?

Avocados! Breakfast, lunch and dinner! If I had to pick a dish, it would be anything with shrimp.

Top songs on my mp3 player? 

Etude. In C minor op.10 no.12 by Chopin and anything by Melody Gardot, Billie Holiday and Madelaine Peyroux.


If I could live inside a work of art, I would choose…

One of Degas’ ballet rooms, or peeking into one of Caravaggio’s gloomy scenes.


Secret ambition?

I’d love to teach 1st year architecture studios, or architecture drawing/illustration.


Favorite San Diego experience?

Sunset at the Salk Institute.


What’s next?

Getting my architecture license! 

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